Focusing On Real Threats

Globally cybersecurity issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. Despite significant cybersecurity investments, organisations are forced to face security challenges with limited or zero in-house cybersecurity expertise.

Network Visibility

We present the information obtained through log analysis to our security analysts in a comprehensible manner. This enables the security analysts to determine the current security posture of the organisation.

Fast Detection and Response

We have a pragmatic approach to achieve security: When a threat penetrates a network’s defences, our strategy is to identify and isolate it early in the “kill-chain” in order to minimise its impact.

Contextual Awareness

We deliver contextual awareness through the aggregation, association, and contextualisation of all the log data generated by your IT infrastructure. This results in a holistic view of the security posture of your organisation.

Regulatory Compliance

Several cybersecurity related regulatory standards have emerged such as the PCI DSS, the EU GDPR and the Kenya Data Protection Act. TAI SOC will help you comply with these regulatory standards in a detailed and systemic way.

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Our SOCaaS

Our SOCaaS provides an end-to-end cyber security solution combining powerful software with a suite of SOC services that delivers:

  • Foundational security and highly advanced protection.
  • 24/7 threat analysis and detection, mitigation and remediation.
  • Constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure logs, devices, networks and critical applications.
  • Continuous scanning and analysis of multiple events.
  • Automatic and human assisted threat analysis and ranking with risk–scoring and alert thresholds.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Compliance assurance to industry standards with audit ready reports.
  • ISO 9001/270001 accreditation.

Having SOC as a Service means that your organisation only needs to provide a single point of contact (usually Head of IT Security, IT Operations, or other relevant position) who can be reached in the event of a serious security incident discovered by our SOC personnel.

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